Suitcase to Remain Packed

Posted on Dec 11th, 2017 in Home, Travel

Having reached the third day post vacation, a Calgary Area Woman’s suitcase remains packed. With no timeline for unpacking, her husband is beginning to wonder if she has begun to use the suitcase – actually a blue Rubbermaid bin – as decor for their otherwise sparsely decorated bedroom. See photo below.

“It does add some much needed colour to the room, particularly how she has the lid off and all the clothing sort of spilling out, but I am wondering how permanent a fixture it will become.”

When asked, the woman replied that she sees it as more of a performance art piece. “The display changes a bit daily as I rummage through to find different things. Actually, I have added to the visual pleasure of this piece today, by placing a laundry basket next to it to catch any overflow.”

Evidently, this is not the first performance art piece of this nature to appear in the family’s home. The husband indicated that it’s pretty much a 50-50 chance of a suitcase getting unpacked upon return from any family holiday. “Either it gets done in the first twenty minutes, or about 20 days later. There’s no real middle ground for her on this.”

The husband seems resigned to the new decor but said he would really like to get a set of matching bedside tables instead. He briefly added “Maybe we could hang a few pictures?”

Citing denial, forgetfulness, and “just not wanting to” as very good reasons, the woman anticipates no change to the 20 day timeline on unpacking the bin. “I like it!” She declared enthusiastically,
“It screams – No! more like sings – ‘vacation’ and who wouldn’t want their bedroom artwork to speak to them that way?”

Additional performance art piece featuring a more traditional suitcase that remains packed and on display 7 days post-trip. Note the additional visual pleasure of the adjacent laundry basket.