We caught up with the busy creator of amuseDnews, a calgary area woman, and asked her to help us understand her vision for amuseDnews.ca.

“The intention of this blog is to AMUSE.”

“Sometimes, I hope people will be reading while drinking their tea and laugh hard enough for tea to come out their nose.”

The area woman stated emphatically that there will be no actual news on the blog. The woman did admit that the real news is important but she confesses that real news kind of scares her and makes her feel icky.

“I guess this is because I feel like I just don’t know all the details. Maybe it would be better if they sort of put like an accuracy rating on the news or how many details they left out, or if they clearly declared their political leanings in the header. Then I could totally do it. Frankly the real news isn’t funny in a ‘make you feel good’ kind of way.

The accuracy rating on amuseDnews stories will be less than or equal to 1% plus or minus 85%.”

Most of the time, the woman said, she is realizing that the news that matters most to her life is the news in her immediate surroundings.

“The VERY LOCAL news. You know, a bear in the yard, dealing with a yeast infection, wild dogs eating your baby at the park (or very tame dogs on a leash 50meters from your child who just sounds as if wild dogs are eating her face off), stepping on a grape. These types of things. Because really, if a celebrity gets bangs, it doesn’t affect me. The president tweets something? I still have to pack lunch boxes. Bank of Canada increases interest rates to pay for parliamentary yoga instruction – well, that kind of thing is for other blogs. I can’t be checking all the details of every ridiculous report in the world.”

She anticipates that close to one hundred percent of the stories will be as relevant today as any other day, but some may not be enjoyable to everyone.

“For example, say I am fleeing from a war-torn country somewhere in the world, maybe the news-like musings of a privileged North American woman in a stable home with healthy children won’t be funny to me. And I get that. And who has time to read a blog when they are fleeing? I definitely wouldn’t but if you know someone who does, I would like to meet them, because they must be incredible at partitioning their lives.”

There is a warning on this blog:  side effects may include improved communication, increased (or decreased) domestic productivity, and ability to select when and how many of the musings you read.  This blog should not be read by people who don’t understand sarcasm.

“I do worry about people understanding sarcasm. Some don’t. It’s almost like an impediment. This blog will probably be loaded with sarcasm, because I find it to be a very helpful coping mechanism. So if people aren’t into that, then probably this won’t be the blog for them”

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